Data sharing

There is still much to learn about nocturnal bird migration in Europe and information gleaned from nocmig recordings can be valuable for future studies. Nocmig data — i.e.  the recording effort plus the species and numbers of individuals/calls detected — can be submitted to Trektellen, which has been collating migration data for many years. In autumn 2018 Trektellen was updated to better hand nocmig type data, allowing submission of numbers of individuals, numbers of calls and links to xeno-canto recordings.


We strongly encourage anyone undertaking regular nocmig recording to submit data to Trektellen. Whether you’ve had a great nocmig night or a quiet one, the data will be invaluable for the future, and its a great way to share your findings. Trektellen is a great resource for seeing which species are nocturnally migrating and when, and its a great place to get inspiration for what you could be recording.  Contact the organisers with your location name, latitude and longitude and they’ll register your site.

Data submitted from UK nocmig sites are automatically exported and loaded into BirdTrack too.