Using Trektellen

Trektellen is a great platform for logging your nocmig data. It is widely used in Europe and collectively we are creating valuable information on patterns of nocturnal migration across Europe (and beyond). At the last count over 104,000 hours of recording effort is logged there, with data for over half a million birds.

If you have a site where you can regularly record nocturnal migrants (e.g. at least once a week during peak periods), and are prepared to follow some simple steps (PDF download) to help standardise the data, check the Trektellen Contacts page to find out who to contact about getting registered.

Once your account and site are created you can use Trektellen to submit data for whole nights, or better still, for each hour separately. Here’s a (silent) video showing how to add hourly counts to Trektellen. For more detailed instructions, see here (PDF download).