Sound identification

  • xeno-canto – massive archive of bird sound recordings and associated ID forum. A great resource for identifying unknowns
  • Sound Approach – including night flight calls of Common Scoter, Great Spotted Cuckoo, Ortolan Bunting and bitterns
  • Birds in Flight ID guide – mostly photos but an increasing number of sound recordings

Techniques, equipment and reviews

  • Wildlife Sound Recording Society – the WSRS has a world-wide membership. Its website has various public resources and more are available to subscribers.
  • Zach Poff – review of hand-held recorders and microphones (April 2018)
  • Jez riley French – review of different hand-held recorders
  • Audobon article on recording birds

Migration timing

  • Trektellen has lots of summaries showing the timing of different species’ migrations.

Across the pond

Nocturnal Flight Call recording has been popular in North America for some time and there are some good resources, some of which include species present in Europe (and others we can only dream of…)

  • OldBird – Bill Evan’s site describing home-made bucket recording device and some software for finding American warbler calls.
  • – a blog about NFC recording in Maryland
  • Bird calls and songs – mostly North American day and night calls. Some species covered in the US Nocturnal section also occur in UK

…and lots more to follow!

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