Zoom H4n Pro vs Parabola

Zoom H4n Pro vs Parabolic mic: Robins

These recordings were taken during daytime back-to-back (1 min apart), first using the Zoom recorders attached to a Dodotronic Hi-stereo parabolic mic, then just using the Zoom’s inbuilt microphones. In both cases record level was set to 90%. Really the gain was too high with the parabola but this shows how much louder the amplification is over the recorder’s own mics. As such, the fuzziness of the top spectrogram with the parabola gives a false impression of how clear nocmig calls would be as they’d rarely be this close.

Robin song (etc) recorded using a parabolic mic and then with the Zoom recorder’s inbuilt mics (Simon Gillings)

For direct comparison, here’s a video of the Robin songs appended (beware, starts loud!).


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